Seed of Desolation

Alien life force had invaded
and all the life on earth had faded
Desolation all around
no animal or bird to sound

the reverie of each day dawning
and in the earth were chasms yawning
left by blast of laser fire
showing pressured layers mired

To break complete and deafening void
of silence, as on asteroid
the wind would sound, a lonely cry
whistling, moaning through the sky

Then, with alien life force gone,
their rape and plunder being done
upon the planet, barren blight
out of dead hush came the sight

of purple bush, a thorny crown
when all the world had fallen down…
A miracle, as in the center
of this crown of thorns there entered

a new life born, an opening bud
as lotus white that grew from blood
of ancestors destroyed in battle
Then from the bush there came a rattle

from a snake, a uroborus
as from the chaos, God’s hand tore us…
It wound around the thorny stem
as on a cape, a golden hem

when head of mighty diamond back
arose with open eyes to track
every movement, sound or sigh
that regal look within his eye

He lay protected by the thorns
and gave protection in return
as royal knight protects his king
this warrior could only bring

life and honor - dignity
enclosing source of unity
lying there within the glow
of new life born, a budding slow

And this sight within the center
stirred reverence as new hope entered
Then the joy that used to be
from darkness deep inside of me

reared its head like guardian snake
as this long lost feeling came awake
and I saw my prayer answered here
in seed of growth, a vision clear…

? Michaelette ?

Copywrite© 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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