Seeds of Need

A harp plays tonight
upon the gentle breezes
of the spring
as an angel seeks to bring
a greater love within the grasp
of our expanding consciousness

Green grasses sprouting
from the ground and source
of life's imagining
seem to sing
of all that is impending
in this arising energy of growth

while there
between the clouds
two stars dare shine
to light the night
with a comprehensive
understanding of our plight

Pulse and beam
they stir remembering
loving days of interplay
when gods and men
in a close relationship

Do we dare to seek
this nemesis
that seems to speak within
the whispers of the wind?

as hands upon a harp
invisible to mortal eye
play the lullaby that eases
this rush into a gentle stream
that seeks no more, no less
than nourishment
of each and every seed
that needs to grow


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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