We send rockets into space
as we seek to run away
from the pain we've caused
and we blame
a numinous mother image
or the goddess, the earth herself
the feminine of which we are born
when we owe these very mortal forms
to Her

We reach for the sun and the stars in the sky
creating division in our need to know why
we were created
yet this intellect has never sated
this desire
nor quenched the inner fire
that seeks to know
the source of every endless glow
of life

but meaning is felt
before and beyond understanding
it is of the heart
of the soul now demanding
we love

not love of something else
but love of self
and all that exists because of this
that learns through the experience
of life's emotions
as we feel our way into
this dream's reality


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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