Seeming Innocence

In loving memory of all tomorrows
I speak these words of seeming innocence
from a realm beyond the one you know
as flesh and blood and thus, reality
reveal now, the secrets of all soul
that needs expansion in the vastness
of the knowingness of evolutionary spans

These words are verity
their essence never changing
so simple just one word
within a world of such complexity
but "Love" is all there truly is
and is the basis of all known reality

No matter habits of pure repetition
or feuds of anger held for centuries
still unabated by forgiving ways
this love, so meaningful and free
of which all matter comes to be

Pouring through each form of flesh
seeking now for unity
of the spirit of each soul to be
just this - an endless incantation
of a momentary bliss
that lives and breathes itself
through all infinity

And so I speak, and speak again
in words of seeming innocence
of all the love in which the mystery
of life in form can ever come to be
within one heart that beats eternally
through all that is . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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