Seem Mine

I see you now
a misty image
rising out of time
in a myriad of many faces

More than one of them
seem mine

There, a babe in arms
determined innocence of joy
streaming from your eyes
surrounded and surrounding
with a love that all your being
still must be

and there a child
that knew himself enough
to take a chance
and stand against the rules
that never seemed to work at all
and took the time to merely be
and being, managed to become it all
in moments of the purest introspection
that opened out to infinite expanse

Then the rush of all contraction
as hormones came to flood
the system that you thought
you'd come to be
and then the flying free
so high you touched the skies
for love was nigh
close enough to touch, to scent
to bring you back to innocence again

while your mind, through every moment
tried to understand the feel
of all that seemed most real within your life
and all the ways emotion came to play
first at the fringe, but somehow diving too
right through the core to all of you
touching once in ecstasy
but then again in awful pain
just when you thought you understood it all

when from a peak you'd fall
and seem to crash to bits and pieces
yet just before you gave up life
you'd find yourself still here
falling back into the arms of love again
where flight became a melody
that carried through the air of everything
but never quite abiding in a norm

for love is born of all that's free
and simply can't adhere and be itself
while the greater systems of society
could not exist without a preset order
that in and of its selfish limitations
decides to take all wings away
even as the angels weep and keep
a vast communion in the air
for all who dare to sing the hymns
of universal harmony
and loving brotherhood

but what good the good . . . ?
that is taken all askance
jostled here, divided there
separated out and kept in isolation
rarely seen within a stare
that looks right through
what most call real
to find the feel of love again
fleetingly as wind is seen
within a pair of angels wings
that wish no more than to become
alive within all realms
in just the purity of being

All this I see and more
within your eyes
mirroring a misty image
rising out of time
in a myriad of many faces

More than one of them
seem mine . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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