A word that lies in waiting
somehow beyond all meaning
always waiting for this definition
of pure form
in the totality of its discovery

under covers neatly rearranged
even now this searching
seeking is completing
in a purity and innocence of meaning
that might at last be measured
in the understanding of these words

Three words
no more, no less
that supercede
all i.o.u.'s with bliss
as ancient secrets
newly rediscovered
come again to play
upon the strings of all creation

and a harpsichord joins in just now
tuned and toned and ready to be played
as Orpheus begins to hum and sing
upon her strings
in essential tones of her remembering

bringing bardic majesty
once again to bear
in all she is
in no more than just a tone
ever altering yet staying just the same
uttered in an essence of pure being

as talent once again unfolds
within the soft and gentle warmth
of this expression of entirity
communicated fully in the sense
of flesh that loves

no more, nor less
is Love . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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