Sense of Harmony

Intimate and sweet sensation
power of love's incantation
singing softly on the breeze
in ever growing harmony

and soul takes flight
into the heights of new tomorrows
gliding high above the sorrow
born of yesterday

while grounded so entirely
within this form of earth and flesh
as heaven and hell at once
are intermeshed in pitch of motion
in a dance of love's intensity

Two flames dancing ever higher
while whirling to the beat inside
and touching deeper, richer veins
of golden, molten ore
found only at the core
of all that is

then within a rush of air
commanded by pure being
two varied tones become just one
sweet chord of fascination

The base, the height
of texture and of tone are won
while in between these two extremes
a third and then a fourth is born
composed of feeling and of sight

and oh, this sense expands so beautifully
while there upon the wind, a scent
of jasmine and of cinnamon will meet
becoming the completion of sensation
as love comes into being

between the breath, within the chant
a tapestry of movement cross the sky
and somehow sensed entirely
in offbeat of the syncopation
'tween the stillness and the motion

as every sense becomes just one
sweet feel of harmony


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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