Seventh Heaven


she spreads her wings
and stretches in the breeze
that moves the trees
to whisper secrets on the wind

yet she senses something different
in this early morning song
of something deep and strong
that seeks her out
and so she cocks her head
to listen

and feels vibrations move
right through her feet
seeking her awareness
and capitulation
and as the elves, her mentors
taught her as a child
she centers in a stillness
quite beyond all other's reach

and breathes, just breathes
even as her wings
just flutter in the wind
seeking an accord with air
ready now to take to flight
at any sight
of an intrusion

for she sought this glen
in forest deep
that she might keep a vigil
in honor of the goddess
Mother Earth
while now the earth
in gratitude
arouses every sensory aptitude
to help her catch the mood
of what might be

in her stillness
mind is calmed
with healing balm aglow
as warmth, not heat
invades her every vein
yet flight or fight
are not her only options
and she prefers invisibility
to fill her need
as her colors blend
like a chameleon
to merge her with
the nature that surrounds
this very centered round
of who she is

There! Just past that bush
she sees a male form approaching
tall and sleek and strong
with a bow across his back
almost as tall as he
and arrows in a sling
that he might bring
the prey he seeks
down to the ground

Just then a rabbit runs around
the tree near which she stands
and her thoughts reach out
to turn it back
before the arrow strikes
but instead the rabbit
freezes in its tracks
and even this one movement
of her mind alerts
the hunter's instinct
and he comes alive
within a flow so graceful
that she pauses just to stare
at the beauty and the symmetry
that has become his chosen art

While a power
from deep inside of her
reaches out to stay his hand
and he falters
at the goddess's command
as his eyes become
two misty pools of blue and green
surrendering to nature's call
and the rabbit
sensing freedom
darts away to live another day

yet now their eyes have locked
as beyond her will
she sees into his soul
and colors swirl and mesh
into an interplay
of dark and light
and colors bright
of rainbow hues arising
that glide through channels
seldom used
to join the earth and sky
within a sigh

while the earth becomes
the adoration in his eyes
and stars adorn the depths
of femininity
as crystal castles in the sky
float down as they are drawn
right through the ground
and her faery wings alight
as suddenly she takes to flight
to circle and encompass
what she sees

She orbits once
she orbits twice
then thrice
and a living galaxy unfolds
with the spin and swirl
she creates

He reaches out
yet finds he cannot hold
her brilliant form
so he settles in
to enjoy the spin
as her fourth orbit
enters in and opens out
to everything
yet leaves him standing
centered in the fifth go-round

She slows her pace
as grace ascends
and the sixth is now achieved
while the energy
of earth flows through
all that he is
to fountain out
and then surround
her orbits now composed of bliss

'tis then the seventh heaven
starts to form
and she descends
lightly as a newborn morn
to stand in front of him . . .


He is still
almost as if he'd taken root
surrendering to gravitation
within this seventh heaven
she's created
desiring more yet wanting less
than just a momentary bliss
as he stands there
facing his own soul
discovering facets of himself
that he never knew existed
in his world so full of hunter's lore

Yet she held no fear
nor anger within her
even as he trembled
with an inner, but unknown anxiety
and just then lightning flashed
and thunder crashed
within the world he used to know
resounding out and in its rush
pushing her away
while his greatest wish
as yet remained unnamed
the wish that she would stay

and still this seventh heaven
ringed him all around
but now without a sound
or sight of form
and it seemed she must have seen
behind the light within his eyes
right to the very depths
of fire's raging
ever kept just barely in control

while she saw true
still standing right in front of him
yet once again invisible
at one with spirit wind
whispering the words
he longed to hear

Not of love, or deep desire
nor of waters
that would still his inner fire
but hints of greater worlds yet
when the orbit reaches eight
and flesh is satiated
with the wisdom of the heart
becoming his own stillness
centered in the dream of all that is

Just then the earth arises once again
in the glory of all goddesses imagined
this time given form that lives and grows
desiring more than just one form can ever hold
and thus the ninth vibration enters in
to still the spin of worlds within worlds
and dreams that live within the dream
of mind's unmaking

Dizzying, the heights and depths
at long last met
yet here, within the stillness
he's a babe within the womb
of the unknown
and every seed he's ever sown
precedes and thus proceeds
the visions forming

A voice - what voice is this…?
Containing so much power
in its gentle vibratory sound
that days and hours simply melt away
while vast distance is replaced
within this alternate reality
by the pause between each breath
to be newfound - just there
as the very air he breathes
suffices to relieve
his every mood

Yet where, oh where…?
the angel fair
that stood so close before
Where had she gone?

While as within a dream
the scenes would switch
this magic forming round
the very sound of her sweet voice
her vibrations entering in
as he stood still
and reached beyond all time
to listen . . .


Now her laughter drifted to him
oh, so softly
on the breeze that stirred
just now
while joy unbound began to sing
around, about, within
her orbits spin

Could there be more
than heaven's door
awaiting him…?

while a growing, glowing feel
in a sense of love arose
there within his universe
of one alone
not merely given or received
but arising from the level
of each cell
recomposing even flesh
with even just a whispered hint
of what he might achieve

But this time he had no guide
no path already walked
no compass, nor an instrument
to show him how
He simply had himself
Could he believe
that just himself
would be enough . . . ?

When there, just there!
he spied her eyes
like a star within the sky
as her form became a nimbus
glowing softly as the moon
when half of it is full

This time he really took it in
this cusp, this sphere
that circled every orbit she created
never straying from the course
of the earth that circled
sun's enlightenment

within this glow, so penetrating
he spied her faery wings
of magic singing with the wind
and felt a chill
as beyond imagination's thrill
he too was taken up in flight
just following the light
of reflections that reflected
something other than the sun
that he had set his sights upon
so long ago

Her form became a prism then
this form of his own soul
of color's variation without end
gossamer, yet real
these wings that flew
right through the light
that burns a form to ash

as at last he broke the bonds
that had been set upon
his lonely universe of one alone
to spy a candle burning
in the dark of endless space
inviting him to travel on and on
upon this path that led him
to his home . . .


Could he attain an elven form
the form that she so treasured?
Silently he delved inside
and took the measure of himself
even as a vision formed
in patterns of reality
that begin and end
with just a dream

Visions of an Aspen grove
encircling a silent meadow
and the warmth
of early summer breezes
scenting every cue
to bring to him the clover
and the dew

as the moisture of the earth
in mystery, secreted in the dark
stood waiting for a touch of sun
desiring no more, no less
than the brilliance of this disk
to enter in

but this moment holds
in gray suspension
as stormclouds weep
and keep the light at bay
for the light would mean
its dissipation too
this unearthly morning dew
that comes to stay within the day
because of her
or so it seemed to him just then

and he withdrew
hurtling through the prism
of the early morning dew
to find himself standing
alone in a glade
arm arching back
like his bow
yet his arrow found to be
this time still waiting
there, within his bow
and the rabbit
that he'd sighted
and tasted for a moment
as his morning meal
was gone

So too, was she . . .


The hunted fled
up pathways of a steep ascent
while what was left to him
were merely ghostly images
of her ascent
while she herself remained
beyond his reach or grasp

for she sought the level
of the tenth vibration
and felt a hand reach out
to pull her in and down and up
and bring her safely there

Only centered stillness
allowed her to remain
within awareness
while level upon level
opened out yet once again
finding an alternative
to the way the world
spins around the sun
and she only just began to realize
the universe that birthed itself
through her

Misty light showed through
the moisture's heavy airiness
and as her form flew through
the mists began to merge and mingle
with the very movement of her wings
that spoke in tones of beauty reaching out
and feathers being born to form
as a hazy mist of angel's wings
began to take the place of gossamer

She slowed her breath
upheld by currents of the air
gliding through the stratosphere
beyond and yet within the world she knew
and found herself at last within herself
centered in the flows
that sought to know themselves in form

and all the while
there she stood
beneath the trees
within a quiet glen
just worshipping
the nature of it all


She shivered as her soul
sunk ever deeper into flesh
quivering like the strings
of a great master's violin
longing just to sing and play
the days and nights away

so she lit a fire to sit beside
breathing in its smoky atmosphere
knowing its transcendence
as the wood was turned to ash
and with it, drifted far away
to a time and place
where mountains pass
unto the seas

to spy a cozy home
nestling in the sycamores
just above the shores
where the ocean crashed into the cliffs
and there upon the deck
stood one alone
as lone as she

His aura spoke in gentle tones
of pastel colored hues
as he became the view of all he saw
not having to take in or hold
nor needing to control
a particle of who he was becoming
for from the centered stillness of his soul
he knew the whole
as a network - vast and intimate
that sometimes met within
and from within
could move the universe without

and she met her fascination
right there upon the cliffs
at ocean's end
where the life of those
that breathed in air began
and quietly she sang
her heart's desire

His eyes reached out
and sought the source of harmony
that came to him upon the wind
while eye to eye they stood
just so
for an eternity

as they came to know the feel
of another whole now reaching out
to touch the whole of them
as colors merged to blend
into a vision of the future
of their dream becoming real


Then the fire snaps
and her eyes become
her eyes alone again
as she sees the aspens bend
in wind blown moments out of time
while their rustling leaves
intone the chant
of inner/outer harmony
that she herself would sing one day
out loud

She huddles close upon herself
hugging knees to chest
as her wings become invisible as wind
and once again she falls in sync
with the nature of the world
as she blinks the misty memories inside

and she waits for him to reappear
here in the seventh heaven
of her heart
anticipating all his touch will bring
while the seventh sun
of the seventh sun
is burning bright
within a quiet, starlit night
up in the sky
and right inside of her


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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