Light In the Darkness

Silence reigns
beneath the starry sky
when night becomes
the only friend there is

When we turn
to face the darkness,
it becomes a glorious light
that shines within . . .

 Take the Step
 Sight of Nothingness
 One Tonight
 Divinity of Light
 So Inviting
 Somehow Lifts
 Truth of Integration
 Begin to Mourn
 Fear's Illusion
 To Let Her Go
 Live the In Between
 Love's Embrace
 But Who?
 Finish Line
 The Dark Side of Imagination
 Golden Key
 Necessity of Feeling
 Love Will Come Again
 Amid the Thorns
 Another Chance
 Found Deep Inside
 Secret Shadows
 Within the Words
 Dissolving Sorrow
 Some Days
 Ends That Meet
 Morning Dawns
 Distant Peaks
 Desire Beyond Appeal
 Light of Day
 Point of Contact
Love's Healing
Search for Eternity
 Unrequited Love
 In the Depth of All Sorrow
 To the Parents
 Into the Light of Day
 The Quest
 Shadow Play
The Brightest Fire
  The Eye of the Storm
 Sweet Moments of Release
 Shining in the Darkness
 Facing Fear
 Pure Moments
 Circles of Light
 Another Parting
When Truth Hurts
 Mountain Man
 Instant of Forever
 The Blues
 Ground Zero
 The Greatest Loss
  Jeweled Tears
 Full Moon Rising
 and at last
 Primal Pain
 Waiting There
 The Rabbit Hole
 Into the Ten
 The Other Side of Day
 Light of Night Divine
 Into Fields
 Your Pain
 A Daughter's Plea
 Night Unfolding
 Being Tested
 Right Out of Sight
 Dance with the Devil
 A Smile for You
 Base Desire
 To Be Free or Not To Be
 By an Angel
 Just Out of Bounds
 Beyond Expectation
 Silent Desperation
 Fear's Defense
 Light and Darkness
 Encounter in the Night
Fear of the Unknown
 Tell Me
 If I Move
 Not as Sad
 Burning Sage
 Fire That Burns
 Within Us All
 Lost and Rainy Afternoon
 In Sync
 World of One
 If Not Us, Then Who?
 Mid-Winter Storm
Shadow Boxing
 One Candle
 To Love the Night
 Into the Storm
The Night Falls
Dragon's Roar
 Endless Cycle
 Dutiful Wife
 Archetypal Death
 Arctic Wasteland
 A Winter Night
 Battle Weary
Seeking Home
 The Darkest Nights
 From the Shadows
 The Movement of Pain
 Primal Betrayal
  A Gloomy Sunday
  A Seed of Life
   He Knew
 Icy Echoes
 Reach for Living Light
 Falling Deeply
 Near Again
 Lone Lighthouse
 Of Night
 To Just Be
 War Torn
 To the Next
 Back Home
 Inside Himself
 In Memory
 Deep Awakening
 Experienced Exposure
 Need to Be
 Impending Vision
 Come to End
 Only Yesterday
 In Need
 Care and Compassion
 Death of a Relationship
 So Close
 So Intense
 Within the Light
 Illusion of Darkness
 Night Sounds
 Into the Skies
 Forsaken Destiny
 One More Step
 The Peace of Coming Home
 Waiting for the Sun
 Silence Reigns
 Wisdom of Age
 Might Have Been
He Lives
 In Charge
 The Rush of Sound
The Light that Guides
No Longer
Night Calls
The Solitude of One
 The Midnight Hour
Beyond Family
My Father's Pain
In Silence
 Child's Play
In the Shadows
 The Shield
 Turn of Mind
 Transition (III)
 Sleepless Night
 The Funeral
 Setting Free
 Beyond Mood
 Change of Perspective
 The Haunting
  Let It Be
 At That Point

Copyright© 2002, Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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