Shadows Falling

 Their Transcendence
 A Prescience
 Up Again
 The Mystery
 Darkness Hung
 To Feel the Love Again
Within the Shadows
Never Quite Complete
So Given
Life's Meaning
Imagination Failed
Couldn't Feel
Began Again
The Silence Sworn
Some Other Place
Warm, Humid Nights
 For Good
In Need of Love
Impact of the Night
Yet More Intense
Never-Never Land
 The Worry and the Care
 A Giant Step
Angel's Touch
The Veil
 The Fantasy
Never Dared to Share
 Its Leaving
New Connections
 Creator Complex
 Could Be
 Unknown Paradox
Rite or Right...?
 Running Out
Say Goodbye
Of Hands
 This Agony
Fourth of July
The White of Flight
 There Is
 Has To Be
  The Stars
 Slave to an Obsession
 Sexual Revolution
 The Storm
 Secret Selves
 Morning Dawned
 Into You
 Rich and Poor
 Loving Seeds
Love versus Lust
Reaching Out
Low to High
Deep Within
Warm Rain
Come and Gone
At Bay
For All His Infamy
We Become It
Moved On
In the Aftermath
Memory of Love
The Elements
She's Gone
 Premature Goodbye
 Waking Dream
 Way of Life
 Out of Our Control
 Past the Midnight Hour
 Out Into the Cosmos
 Holy Fire
 For the Sake of a Child
Eclectic Days
 Within the Dream
 Just Take the Fall
 Before He Went Away
 The Altering
He Drives Again
In Mystery
Of Demarcation
No Matter
Dusk Lingers
 Night Ascends
 Echo On
It's Time to Speak
 Unuttered Tone
 The Tone of Stormy Skies
 The Hunger
 Who Was She...?
 Need to Say
 Focus on You
 Of Within
Holiday Blues
Expounds Itself Again
Too Long Left Behind
The Loving
The Great Denial
In Irony
Wet Grass
Moving In
 A Shadow's Hush
 Turning Back
 The Silence Rules
Listens To It All
 Set Free
Hues of Mist
 Blowing Over Them
 Bloom Eternally
 Pouring Down
 One Little Life
The Food of Alteration
 Echoed Images
The Rush
 Part of the Whole
For Real
 Need to Understand
 She Knows
 As Real
 Free Expression
Play by Play
Never Dies
 Becoming Light
 Refused To Be Denied
 Someone Else's Wave
 Shadows Falling

Copyright© 2003, Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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