Shadows Speak

An image of my father
arises once again
recalling past imagining
of childhood times relived

and feeling streams
released into the wind
for this remembering
is built of all that used to be

as future calls
at first a quiet whispering
of air that moves so incandescently
that particles of light are all we see

Shadowy, this presence of the past
almost ghostly in its imagery
yet here within one memory
understanding may be gleaned

for shadows speak
and often reach a peak of such sublimity
that past and present seem to merge
into one tiny particle

opening within a light so bright
it stuns our given imagery
into a salient shape and form
of all of life remembering itself

Silently, the shadows fall
calling out to be again
in need of evolution
and a constant revolution

and now it seems somehow
that every father ever born
becomes one single form
that speaks in silent symmetry

of all the love that needs to be
displacing even history
impressing the importance
of true love into this tapestry of life


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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