She's Gone

She's gone
I can't believe it
now she's gone
and all those childhood songs
lullabies to ease me into sleep
still playing in my head

Do the angels hold her now?
and do you think somehow
she still might care enough
to sing just one more lullaby
and send it through the starry skies
to lull me into sleep tonight
even now that she is gone

and how do I go on
without her there to lean upon?
yet the tears won't come
I feel too numb
for she was like the earth to me
always there to bear
the very worst and best
of times with me

How long can life go on
without a hug from her?
warm arms enfolding me
to draw me deep into her heart
or that special whisper in my ear
to tell me everything will be alright
She was my strength when I felt weak
my reason when it seemed
I'd gone insane

She even tamed
the demons of the night
with just a little light
as she soothed me back to sleep
and guided me to dream
of angels singing

Oh mama, please
come back and dream
this dream with me tonight . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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