Silence Reigns

How silence reigns
when the truth comes out
as shock arises now
to block the pain

while the sense of autumn rain
is in the air
just another sense of loss to bear
another season lost
and at what cost?

An open heart began
the cycles of this pain
Does it dare
to open once again?

I walk alone
as it seems I always have
I throw a stone into a pond
and watch the ripples roll
again and again and again
one creating another and yet another
the circle growing ever greater

Then does my sorrow, too
reverberate just so
touching all within the range
of its vibration?

And if this is true
then have I ever
really walked alone?

What shall I choose to share
now that I know?

and how, please tell me how
to turn this sorrow into love
yet once again


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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