Silent Desperation (II)

As we teach a child to hide
blindly there, within their mind
what happens to
the flood of passion raging through
their cells at times of growth?

Could it be
that this search
for a purity of intellect
has gone too far?

for there
within the very halls
of education we create
are those who feel
the rage that's really there
within the stare of desperation
born within their parents' eyes
building there within the lies

of minds that have been closed
to all the heart can show
to be the truth
for at the root
of all we think
emotions bring us to the brink
of all that is

Will we rise or fall
at their direction?

Hark now, hear the call
of spirit's sigh upon the wind
whispering of better ways
to bring the light into these days
that should be full
of joy and innocence

but now, instead, you bless
the skies of mind
within these times of separation
even as your soul cries out
so loud in silent desperation
to be heard yet once again

Who will you blame
when all your pain
pours out within the patterns
of your children's lives?


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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