Simple Schemes

Simple though, isn't it?
once the reality is finally seen
how all the pain
just didn't have to be at all

Sad, how we believe sometimes
in what just isn't there
Lonely, when the love we crave
turns into yet another day
spent in base survival

yet how the dreams of love's arrival
linger on
searching for the dawn of understanding
to blend with just one other

Just one other heart that cares
enough to dare
to live what they hold true
beyond the many dues
of culture's strain

I watch the winter rain
come pouring down the window pain
and notice that the world still spins
even now, without you here

and how all that I hold dear
calls me back into
the world that I once knew
before the force of you came through
and blew it all apart
It seems it must be time to start
to gather myself in
and start again
yet one more time

for the reason and the rhyme of life
are of the heart and soul
This much I've always known
and love returns again
just when
we think it disappeared

Hush now, can you hear?
the silence in the song of night
as veils of darkness fall
across the velvet skies
and spirits roam
these realms invisible
searching for the real

Then can you feelů?
how souls arise and dance
amid the harmony of chance
and love it all
the rise and then the fall
of our tellurian ecstasy
wanting nothing more
than just to be alive

Simple now, the schemes
of dreams we dream
when the battles of our days
are left behind
and love flows free


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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