Simplified Complexity

We reach and try to teach
this love we feel
and truly are these words
but its beginning
here, within the matrix of a mind

What must we do?
What act might e'er construe
this love we feel as real?

For within this love we find
each complexity of mind
that confuses and extends
and thus must send
each seed of future
back to its beginning

yet in the end we find
that only one moment in time
can ever be complete
and that is the moment of now
encompassing eternal life
taking us beyond the strife of mind

Yet soul will magnetize
within these senses, hypnotize
one point, forever moving
that is at once the center
and circumference of it all

while heart and mind ascend
to beginnings without end
that somehow blend
the past with future being formed

Can we rise above
this love of mind's creation
and reach the satiation of the whole?

And still, equality
this one true point of in between
now screams to come to be
the beauty of potential
discovered in the beast
of most and least

Oh, sweet sound of harmony
that ever hopes to come to be
right now


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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