Sirens Calling

Sirens calling, air to mind
defense falling far behind
as every pore
begins to open out

and new and everlasting tapestries
are born of our imagination taking form
just as the morning dawns
for all who are awake enough to see
the interweave of all eternity

A message written on the wind
blowing now throughout the skies of life
within the feel of hope and love
hidden deep within the strife of everyday
as a love of inspiration takes to flight
to light the night in starlit seeds

and future is born
of these threads that have been torn
from habits' patterns
as sirens take the dense and staid
dismembering the image laid
upon the altar of the mind

while one lost and lonely tear
demolishes the fear of the unknown
drawn from depths that show
each shadow once unknown
is but the seed of every new tomorrow

and heaven's height joins in
as visions swim in ocean's depths
uncovering the point where width
becomes an endless spiral in the wind

where words are whispered
sweet and clear
of beauty drawing near
within the sound and the sensation
of a feminine vibration

as sirens calling in the air
give voice to feelings bared
that all might see
the power and the majesty
of that mighty miracle
in every expression
of love


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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