Society's Insanity

Oh, mystery of sweet diversity
that changes us in every moment
come rattle those chains
that imprison the soul
that we may fly unfettered, free
on creative tides of energy

Multi-colored, multi-hued
the me of me, the you of you
accepting all until the culmination
of preformed rules' discrimination
that say we must, we ought, we should
be only right and sweet and good

I sat one night
at what they called a celebration
banqueted with strong libation
when the deep and moving beat
of hands on drums and dancing feet
awoke the savage in my soul
beseeching me to move
yet there I tried to stay

but when the pillars of society
began, in their sobriety
to speak in words without emotion
intellectual, their blind devotion
it drove me quite insane
and while I sought to tame
the beast within
I soon just had to break away
and wander over to the bay
where seals and otters play
while the stars upon the breaking waves
shone brightly in the night
and I wondered what I might
have done so wrong
that I couldn't just "belong"
like all the others

And in this state of unbelonging
tears welled up and sobs escaped
for I was lost there in between
landscapes of man and mind
and I knew not where to find
what I should be
and the staid and steady
walked right by
never noticing the way I cried

when there, within the night
two souls, so very dear
drew near to dry the tears
society had spun

Drifters, both
they lived in ever-love
and came to me in just that moment of
my greatest need
and while they're shunned by this society
they saved my very soul
reconnecting me into the whole of life
where sailing free, beyond the strife
of cultural insanity
I found the one true vanity
that shames
is that society would seek its gain
even at the bitter cost
of someone else's loss

when here upon the ocean's shores
nature gives her best and more
never claiming ownership
nor taming souls that wish to roam
accepting all and everything
as particles within a greater whole

One within this mystery
of sweet diversity
where variation is the key
an opening to infinity
if only we accept
each difference as a gift

Multi-colored, multi-hued
essence of the sky so blue
add the greens, and there, the hue
cerulean of oceans deep
in particles that keep
this life evolving

beyond society's insanity
where every soul is free to be
just who they are
and nothing less
will ever do


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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