Such a long and lonely road
this life can seem
when following our dreams
leads time and time again
to solitude
and unnerving moods unsolaced
by the warmth of loving touch

Yet the highs are oh so high
on this roller coaster ride
and how can we give up the thrill
of sweet and swift descent
when the whole of life is bent
upon its own dispersion?

Just as the condor
could not cease its ceaseless flight
so this desire to experience
the whole of all of life
returns again
just when we reach the ground
of known reality

and spy a star
that shines so bright
even shadows in the night
bow down to its intensity

Dazzling the sight to those who dare
open up and share this startling sight
beyond the darkness where pure light
will shine eternally

As above, so below
infinite, this ancient wisdom stole
between these lines
where heart and mind are bared

Now spirit seeks to speak
of numinous reality
that touches on
each life that's spun
eternally in love

A weave, a web
life-lines, just like spider webs
wrapped around and in and through
each earthly form
made real by threads, invisible

Gossamer connections
rays of life and light
particles that blend and form
into one more image graven
here upon the mind of all mankind
for all of time comes back to this

Now hear the dragon's roar
as power released
fills clear blue skies with fire
Flames dance and leap
in this their given hour
as all become aware
of the great power
of emoting

and blood flows, hot and sensual
as the high becomes the low
and then the peak repeats
as alpha and omega meet
so deep within
this whirl and spin
of ecstasy

and the road
that we once traveled all alone
becomes the home
of all that is


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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