Solemn Vows

"Till death do us part"
Even this most solemn vow imparts
a base belief of our unmaking
but is it really death that parts
another's heart
from love's sweet stream?

So many seek the other side
and claim to find a void
where they hide in terror shaking
for the darkness seems to overwhelm
at this one point of in-between
between the worlds and words
between the breath
in tone of silence heard

yet here, in just one breath complete
that calms the nervous spasms of the mind
just here can spirit find
a light beyond imagining
that streams eternally
through all that is

even through this flesh
to prove that darkness matters
in a totality of light that shatters
every question ever asked
for deity unmasks itself just then

and realization dawns
in the deep of night newborn
that death can never part
a love divine
within illusions of the mind

that now dissolve
into the all and everything
of living dreams


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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