Solitary Heart

Little did they know
the bits and pieces of the private hell
that she endured alone
seeking only guidance
through dark moments of the storm
and a light that she might see
the powers that walked upon
this path that she had chosen
blindly - before sight had taken hold

There were secrets she concealed
within temptations' templed attitudes
learned through each experience
of life's most sacred mysteries
moving through these multi-colored mists
in which she found herself at home
while others sought to understand
the choices made that must demand
a solitary, unimpeded flow

They questioned and they queried
and she answered as she might
but still, she'd yet to find just one
that understood the purity
of flights unuttered ecstasy
or dared to move
beyond their fear of falling
to fly as free as siren voices
that sing the endless songs
of inspiration into life

and the more she sought for words
that might explain what she had found
the more she found the words would pour
like rain upon the plains of all that is
until it seemed her very soul
was somehow pouring out of her
into the rain and winds and clouds
and even in the thunderous rounds
of lightning's crash

yet she discovered endless treasures here
within a space that had no distance
in matter that had yet to mold a form
and in a time that simply came to play
before it dissipated into nothingness again
for here the eons were just one
and every alternate reality was spun
of just one dream

the dream of love
eternally opening out
here within just one
solitary heart that spun
its truth in these immortal webs
of life . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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