The Solitude of One

He stood atop a mountain
touching the heavens
and the earth at once
in what seemed like solitude

from a distance he became
a nimbus of light

Yet to live in matter's form
required descent to the very core
of the form created

As he descended into the shadows of light
he felt the weight of matter envelope him -
a crushing feeling
as particles condensed into his mortal form

Truly, the weight of the world was upon him
Yet the light would not be extinguished
no matter the paths that were tread

even when the harmony
that he knew to be reality
became discord in the minds of those
who had forgotten their beginning

for it is only when we reach the depth,
the core of being
that we remember

the greatest mystery of all
lies within each of us
at a level incomprehensible to those
unwilling to make the journey

yet as complex
as this mattered form may seem
and as appealing
as our solitude may be

our very existence depends upon
our relation to the whole
and every part contained

and as he made his way
through the valleys of life
he only just began to understand
the limitations of the mind of man

for truly, what can mind become
without matter
or matter's form without the heart?

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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