Something Rising

I feel something rising up in you
unique and quite unusual
extraordinary in so many ways
that I feel that I must find a way
to know it too

There are feelings there
of ancient oaks and sacred ponds
where unicorns would stop to drink
and faeries dance beyond the brink
of mortal to join in
yet we are there

and I feel this sense of magic
rising up between us now
enhancing love and feelings of
a never-ending interaction
that rises as we fall
into each other

It is like no other feeling
that I've ever known before
and I must pause in awe
before the door that opens now
for infinity lies just beyond
the next steps we must take

A sense of terrifying, deep respect
precedes this vast unknown
where starlight sings into the wings
of angels unadorned by any
attitudes or suffering moods at all
but, oh, they love so true!

Yet more than even this
they find glory in the touch
of flesh on flesh
when truly given and received
within the greater round of love
brought into all of being

while more and more
I need to feel
this something rising
from the core of you

for this is love
essential in its majesty
if where meaning plays
the greatest part of all . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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