Somewhere In Between

You look at me
desire flames
but you are not quite there or here
You're floating somewhere in between

So I close my eyes and dive
so deep inside this silent sea
its echoes turn into a deafening roar
and I crash upon a shore I've never seen
where shale coats what could have been
the velvet of soft golden sands
and I wonder why I cannot find you here
this place that is much more and less
than somewhere in between

All that used to be
has fallen all apart
yet the future cannot seem
to form itself in full
I look up and see an orange-red hue
burning through an endless sky
and wonder why you had to go away
all reasoned mind just washed away
in endless waves that lie between
remembering and hope of future's form

My course before
has always been to just move on
yet the breaking of this angry sun
stops me in my tracks
and I am thrown back on myself
How is it that this loss and gain
can bring such equilibrium?
Yet I am poised and steady now
No rush of great emotion comes
to throw me in a loop

Even though I can't quite bathe
in days of I love you
no matter how we wish it to be true
for we're caught up somewhere
in between the here and there

and so I sit unmoving
as waves roll in and out
without the energy to scream or shout
I try to move yet cannot find the strength
for conviction tells me
I must wait for you
no matter the cost
or this time that feels lost
What else can I do?
I love you so

Sinking, sinking
reaching past despair
for love is in the air
and this is real
no matter this illusionary feel
that leaves me sitting silently
contemplating endless seas
that lie between the here and there
of love that's true

Between the lost and found
and left and right
where velvet nights
are spent in naught but dreams
that slip and slide away
just as the breaking day
begins again
But what else can I do?
I love you so


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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