Sorrow's Sigh

A vagrant tear escaped her eye
even as a moment's sorrow sighed
for all the yesterdays that they had shared
and memories of love, now unimpaired
began to form within and all around her

Poignant moments, intimately shared
when hand in hand they walked together
side by side and linked in warmth
through all those bright
and stormy moments of their lives

and even times they'd dared to disagree
to a point where love again would play
upon their flesh, within their eyes
and they turned each others alibis
into a flow of love unhidden from
the common places that they tread

but then he chose to leave
instead of love
for he decided that a blind belief
was more important
than even their togetherness
and she accepted even this
as best she could, with love

even now
within this vagrant tear
that's rolling down her cheek
expressing yet another moment's
sorrow in a sigh
as memories turn into mist
and she is kissed again
by only empty air . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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