So Strange

So strange, this love
you seem to wish
to bring to me these days
even as I sift through memories
to bring this love we feel.
one unto another,
back to existence

So distant and surreal
yet still, I feel your touch
even here upon my breast
and more, it touches
to the core of all I am
and ever wished to be

And so I seek to move
beyond the pain of all expectancy
to reach the peak of all ascendancy
where love, in basis of reality
streams through these forms
of all reality

Oh love, my love
please tell me now
just where you wish
my being of this flesh to be

For strangely, and myopically
it seems to reach beyond
all that we have ever seen before
becoming more and more surreal
yet somehow, still
beyond reality

So strange, this realm
of incongruity
that all I am can do no more
than just to wish this feel
this ever-present hope
of love's continuance
into reality . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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