Soul Insists

The future whispers in a breeze
that speaks of leaving past behind
to underlie and underline
the basis of our lives;
yet change exceeds known boundaries
insisting we allow its utterance
in more than words of wisdom
or an utterance of platitudes.

For soul insists on its deliverance
to realms of pure and sensuous revival
where once again, a touch becomes
the essence and the meaning of all life;
as faery-tales unfold themselves
in endless tomes of history
that seek to find the patterns
lying hidden in all mystery.

Secretly, an intuition opens out
into infinity's reality
within an empathy so greatly
swelled into a sensitivity,
giving and receiving everything;
the good, the bad,
the happiness in sad
that lies in waiting to reveal
the source of all that's known as real;

In unending streams of glory
akin to dawning sunlit rays
that seek to stay alive within all night,
as stardust trails a path for us to follow
into this waking dream we know as l;ife
for soul insists on its deliverance
through mortal form . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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