Soul in Motion

Hear it beat - the heart
that part of us so oft' forgotten
in the battles of a mind's supremacy
Strategically, he waits and baits
another to his lair of solidarity
Surprised, he finds a growing disappointment
for no matter all his schemes
with a seemingly inhuman strength
she refuses still to enter there

Chaos and confusion then descend
(or is it soul's ascension?)
and his reasoning mind begins to falter
on the altar that he planned to sacrifice her on
for to know it all, the reasoning mind
must always be let go
and his heart beats louder, louder
echoes ringing in his inner ear

At first a dulling darkness
seems to seek his consummation
as time expands
this time reaching for
the promised land of long ago

Meaning then begins to blossom
as he feels his way along
the corridors of heart
that he abandoned oh, so long ago
and he pales in fear
of all the longing he's denied
yet there it waits for him
still unattended

Along the way
pre-composed beliefs begin to slither
seeking to restrict his pace
and heartbeats keep on altering
but from the heart
a touch of grace
still leads him on somehow

when he spies an eerie glow
off in the distance
to set his sight upon
and help him through the many moods
and attitudes belief had spawned
in days that he had thought long gone

so he wills himself to just go on
one foot and then the other
(for even here
this flesh will lead the way)
yet finds his feet will only move
in time with heartbeats' rhythms

He turns and tries to run
but something (could it be his soul?)
refuses to be moved
in any other direction
than toward that glowing light
that seeks reflection of its worth
in time and space and flesh

He struggles for a while
attempting to regain the shield
that his intellect would always yield before
yet no matter what he did, it wasn't there
for all the doors of locked compartments
had suddenly been thrown wide open
and everything was swirling in
the mists of this awakening
of dreams just waiting
waiting for the feel
of his creation

and this was real
more real than anything
he'd known before
(was he descending now
even as his soul ascended?)
and he wondered then
if this was what the realm of death were like
but that thought, as every other thought
was fleeting here

It held no meaning
while one phrase was now intriguing even mind
"alternate reality" was all it said
and all he'd read became the truth
of an experience
while every state of trance that he'd discovered
dissolved within this realm of heart and soul
and the words "pure essence" echoed all around
just as he reached the glowing sphere
that his vision had been set upon

Luminosity expanded then
encompassing the dark and him
and flows of healing energy
gently conquered every injury
and long-forgotten memories of all abuse
for now his soul was in control

He stands there, still
in the center of eternity
even as he makes his way
within this world, upon this plane
that used to seem like everything
knowing now, with his heart
the ever-altering power
of soul in motion . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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