Sound of Grass

Soft, so soft
the sound of grass
as it awakens in the spring
in silence its intensity will build
until the bold relief of green
is rising everywhere

and desire is unbound
to touch, to feel
this newborn proof
or Her exuberance

to wander up the grassy knoll
when the world of man is put on hold
and sense the light and airy scent
of clover growing wild
within this web of greenery

to smile to no one in particular
just for the joy of smiling
perchance a roaming spirit will absorb
this feel of buoyancy in form
and then seek to be reborn
to know again
the mindless, senseless density of touch

and so much more
from just this soft and silent sound
of grass as it awakens in the spring


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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