Source of Creativity

We wish, we want, we need to be
a voice of creativity
yet creation can be lone indeed
within the truth of the totality
of its expression

yet still it wills this voice to rise
until the very winds and tides of time
take heed of spirit's wisdom speaking
ever seeking form and shape
that it might dance this dance
of life and love
within the wake of all that's past
and the glory of its future reaching out

to touch, to be
the very immortality
that humanity has ever sought
to bring into reality
right here, right now
within this dawn
of a newly born millennium
as warmth arises from a source
beyond our understanding

as still, the realm of science seeks
the source of life to come to be
some divisible and lone antimony
that never knew or comes to know of love
even as a power from realms above
that speaks in whispered voice of soul
descends into this flesh
seeking now to intermesh
the opposites of mind and matter
into a transformation so divine
that angels weep in wake
of its becoming

while the heat of life's desire
awakens to a fire
nourished by the earth and air
that weeps within the rain
and rages in a lightning flash
just when one lonely angel dares
to enter form . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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