Source of Inspiration

An alien being
invades the atmosphere
crashing through the stratosphere
that once was our protection

and in this distance drawing near
tentative, he reaches out a hand
to know, to touch, to feel
this mystery that called to him
and catalyzed his movement

yet even in his courage
a wary fear is evident
slight tremor showing
in his hand extending out

a needy look, there within his eyes
seeking, searching
for even more
than his tiny orb of home
had ever offered

until he spied a sphere
of beauty in the sky
and began to wonder why
this awe and mystery
had been created

What light was this that showed
such a soft and golden glow?
What spirit-light so animated
this grace of cyclic motion
slow and sweet?

and so he planned and plotted
making real in hardened steel
the form of his imagination
So too he learned to fly
through endless skies
with this light in distant darkness
gently beckoning him on

Subliminal, magnetic fields become
emotional as substance yields
entirely to soul's desire

The power of creation is immense
as the power of matter is dense
yet the greatest of all changes
begins within the heart of one
who dares to learn to fly


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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