Specks of Gold

Specks of gold upon the beach
in sand-swept miles that reach
beyond all time
while sounds of waves will chime
upon the sands of time

rolling in upon the shore
to express the feel of evermore
while seagulls speak
along the rocky peaks
voicing their existence
in time and space and distance

Gaze now upon eternity's horizon
and the sun that always seems just risen
over oceans that expand forever
seeking to dismember

all stagnant order once renowned
uniting innocence with sound
bringing treasures from the distance
to those who dare to take a chance

upon the turn of mind that travels far
even there, unto the distant stars
while the winds of time
within the dark create a rhyme

and spirit flies
in endless skies of blue
while mountains flare
in backdrop of the view we share

all contained in specks of gold
washing in upon the flow
of tides' eternal motion
purity found in these tides of devotion

for all of life is here
upon this shore so far and near
in waves that wash the wealth
of unknown shores into itself

and winds that speak in whispers of the gold
that streaks and swirls and flows
and dances here in sheer delight
within these sands that glow so bright

upon the water's edge
as in undertow the siren's pledge
the end of pain
in this one eternal moment's flame

and plead we catch a ray
of this eternal water's spray
while sprites of light
rejoice within their flight

and live the ocean's fantasy
as they dream of the eternity
of life


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano, All Rights Reserved
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