The Spiral of Life

 Labyrinths or spiral ways
the undercurrent always stays
as ceaseless movement, endless waves
that wax and wane through inner caves

Will we choose to float along the tide
or stroke against waves breaking wide
or standing still, create a pull
that sucks us down a whirlpool...

down to the inner depths that wait
shaking till the fear abates
as eerily the shadows play
in firelight, they dance and sway

and at the base we delve, we roam
making labyrinths our home
till living light endows our mind
with inner sight that we may find

the center, source of all thatís known
and love is found while there, alone
echoing enchanting tone
in winds from deepest caverns blown...

The spiral of life can be seen as a pattern
viewed from angles of height or cavern
until at last the patterns connect
as the weaver of lifeís tapestry collects

and intertwines the threads of time
brought from below as the spiral is climbed
As above, so below - but now we can see
the picture woven, like branching tree

with depth and height and width expanding
the branches spread with understanding
on an island risen from the sea
surrounded by the harmony

of spinning gusts of sea-scented air
to form the mists into a stair
that spirals up and out of sight
for spirit to climb to the light

A quest beyond the call of duty
that speaks of love and veiled beauty...

? Michaelette ?

Copywrite© 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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