I feel your soul approaching mine
at levels deep and high and wide
beyond the mysteries of time and space
gently, with the charm of grace unveiled

while wonders are revealed
to souls that dare to feel
the mystery of life implanted
in patterns ever granting

such sweet release
as spirits speak
their song upon the wind

Does heaven then descend
or is it that the flesh ascends?
while the world is revolving
around one centered point

spherical in its dimensions
unbordered by the apprehension
of acceptance or rejection
Love the bridge that spans the chasm
of all that is unknown

It is then our soul will glow
so brightly that all else will know
of its existence
as it enters more and more
into reality of form

unending in its evolution
enlightening, the revolution
of innocence and wisdom now united
in a touch newborn

as spirit-light
awakens brightness
in the realms of night


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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