Spirit Sighs

When we fall in love
we see our true potential
and expect that it will be
somehow magically made real
without the need for change
that is essential to our being

but make no mistake
there is pain
in the birth of a soul
as it moves through the heart
of the whole

We look into each others' eyes
and see our spirit shining through
How quickly then
reversion to the other view returns

Must we explode
and shatter other lives
besides our own
in our quest to keep the pain away
the pain that's really ours to feel?

Shall we take our anger and our fear
and blame it on another
that we may only feel
the right and strong and good?

ah, but make no mistake
there is pain
in the birth of a soul
for in wholeness lies the truth

We swallow the tears
that might heal the fear
that we feel
posing, always posing for the crowd
when we ought to cry aloud
in our distress
and scream our agony
into release

for it's not all right
in spirit's sight
to make another feel
and thus express
what we have wrought
in the power that we seek
so endlessly to find

as if we could control
the e'er becoming whole
of all that is

then we wonder where
the love has gone
as we sing our endless songs
of one alone
as the flow is blocked by stones
of our creation

We build to last
upon a past that is so nebulous
it fades as quick as it is born
then quickly light another fire
refusing to let brightness fade
or look within the shadows it creates
within the one and only place
that can abate the ceaseless flow
of mindless pain -
within the heart

where spirit sighs
and often cries
for us

while all we ever are
and can ever hope to be
is a particle
within the waves of life
one facet in a mighty jewel
that creates the many different hues
of life

as spirit sighs upon the wind
and wonders when
we might begin
to love again


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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