Star Clusters
(Origin of Myth)

Alight in the night
a cluster of stars
peaks our curiosity
for it is not one light that speaks
but many, now in unison, that seek
to reach the point of our awareness

What far away and distant stars are these
that call so brilliantly for our attention?
leading to terrific thoughts of our ascension
beyond this sphere
we've come to know as home

A shiver runs right up the spine
as energy unleashed begins to rise
sending quivers through this flesh
that seeks, at base, to intermesh
with all that is

While just here
within a moment's ecstasy
somehow we reach the peak
of galaxies that speak beyond
the norm of comprehension

and there within the nighttime sky
we spy six stars
as intuitive, ideas spring
of sisters lost, imagining
a seventh sister of completion

and in time, we may conceive
of a name that sings
within these greater flows
of great imagining - Pleiades
six sisters shining bright
yet traveling each night
in search of their completion

and yonder, look!
the cluster of great Orion
seems to trail and almost overtake
this gist of light that's feminine in form
Orion, imagined as a sword
symbol of the masculine
yet here, beyond the storms
and fortresses we've built
must it be a sword that splits
and thus divides
or might this sword be different?

This sword, composed of light
that sparkles in delight
in the pursuit of all that's opposite
this image graven in the mind
when quasar-like
a light will rise above the norm
of cultural invention

Reaching out to touch the stars
and what, pray tell, is this . . . ?
somehow a deep connection
comes to be an interplay of opposites
as at last what's up above
verily may come to be
an intimate connection
to a vaster sense of all reality

As above, so below
intuitive, yet still we seek to know
the source of all of life
eternal, spanning all of its creation
and we travel the path
from the root of it all
into the skies of this libation

Free, upon eternal seas
in flows of loving inundation
of a mind
as new and vibrant variations
of the theme of life evolve
clustering in stars of light
right now . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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