I watched you writhe
within constraints of your own making
I felt you suffer there inside
in agony sublime
of loneliness and more
a process of your self-denial
that winds along a road
of self-destruction

All this I knew
yet still
in helplessness I waited
for that future moment's grace
of your re-awakening

Silent now
the screams of soul's descent
that finally give vent
to passion wild
and there within the wild
and misty morning of the heart
love glistens in the vibrancy
of each immortal form

on a day of our own making
within a moment's fearsome shaking
as the world is set ablaze
within the maze
of all we are

Startling, the realization
that particles of energy
are all conceived
by one great mind
true deity beyond the shape
or scope of genius seeking
answers guided only by the known

while with the truest power of will
the heart of sculpture comes alive
in beatific loveliness
as it is kissed
by your sweet lips

upon the brow
and each tomorrow calls
for only this
a living memory of bliss
in the mattered form
of one who loves you true


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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