Start to Fly

Strange and mysterious
distant, yet intimate connections
defying all that mass opinion
deems as real

Radio waves crackle in the background
white noise that seems to soothe
the many moods of voices bent on fear
just as thunder shakes the window pain

and sound becomes the one reality
shaking us awake
beyond hypnotic droning voices
always played to keep us in our place

and nature shakes, reverberates
awakening it all within a quake
while this mass-induced hypnotic imagery
is torn to bits by one deep sound

Deep vibrations of a soul's awakening
painful and yet somehow soothing
yet all endings must begin again with this
a touch, one touch

of one white mare
that takes us to a place we've always known
yet never been before
beneath, beyond the nightmares thus imposed

Strange and mysterious
as distance becomes intimate
decides to grow a horn
one golden horn
upon the brow of every soul

that dares to earn their wings
and start to fly . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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