State of Absence

He reels in a state of absence
still dizzy from the feel
of his own death
that is but moving on
into states he's never known before

and he looks beyond into
mere streams and hues
of light awakening unto itself
not knowing what to do or where to go
when there - in crimson glory streaming
the gist of all his dreams begins
an utterance of form
as deep vibrations move
into the heights

when suddenly, in all delight
he sees her standing there
his one and only love of life
unfolding in an innocence
of pure and utter being
and it seems as if an angel's wing
has gently touched this flesh
that he had thought no more to be

while in this state of absence
seeds of beauty open out
to more than sight, for soul
alights within remembrance
and seeks to speak in visions
of the fountainhead of love
that streams eternally
back into form from realms beyond

and at last he comes to know
himself as all hearts beating
yet in tune with universal
and unending harmony
for all he ever needed
has arisen in this tide
of absence from the life
he used to know

as a soft and sultry glow arises
on the horizon of all mind
tempting, teasing him to travel on
there upon the path
that makes his state of absence
so complete . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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