Step into Eternity

How subtle, these emotional ties that bind
how sudden the realizations when we find
one link has been the core of all our pain
when at last we find a love that will sustain

the great emotional aftermath
of following our one true path
and even more than this it seems
for our love is making all our dreams

come true
as the depth of our love pierces through
what's left of the defenses built
upon a base of endless guilt

in unconscious weave of culture's patterns
pre-programmed into all that matters
most - a web of lies that tears apart
so many efforts of the heart

to love and to receive love in return
beyond the vast illusions of concern
that keep the mind and focus bent
upon the outer world's events

never leaving time or space
to focus on the living grace
of unconditioned love so free
it opens doors to all eternity

each time we look into each other's eyes
as more and more we realize
the depth of the despair
that kept us shackled there

yet now, because we dare
to open up our hearts and care
at every level of our being
this wisdom found is finally freeing

spirit from the underworld's domain
and awareness is a sweet refrain
that joins instead of separating
as the stars themselves are celebrating

this love we are creating - can you see...?
even deity desires this bond of unity
and as we open to allow
love to work its magic now

weaving in and out of patterns set
in days when we were young and innocent
a healing - so incredibly complete
flows through the pain of each defeat

and clears our path of all debris
that we may step into eternity
as one


Copyrightc 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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