Stepping Back

She stepped back
at just that moment of confession
and saw him as the stranger
that he now seemed to have become
but what experience
had e'er prepared her for the role
that she now seemed to play?

Experience of opposition and dissent
where armored walls seem to ascend
out of the nothingness of air
and enter her somehow
to suddenly become
her very own

while all she knew
and knows as feminine
again begins its famed descent
into her very cells
that begin to recompose
yet once again

and she is lost
within this very flesh
that she desires so
while emotion seems to flow
right through the essence
of the form she's come to know
as the truth of who she has become

until a fated moment
of her destiny arises
and vitality just seems
to ebb and flow
as is its wont to always do
from the depths of fires raging
to the cold and ice that form the bars
of every caged and thus imprisoned
and imprisoning emotion

but these emotions are not
hers and hers alone
for they rise within
the very tone of him
as he defends himself within a burst
of pre-formed brilliance
that can become no more
nor less than just a mental stance

yet even in this
a texture is created
sensation entering again
to bring this flesh
a transcendental glow
as all she knew
and comes to know
just simply seeks
to fly away with her
away from him
and all he cares to know . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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