Still and Silent Lake

What lies beneath
the mirrored surface
of the still and silent lake?

An image of steps
completed by angelic form
ascending and descending
within rays of living light
as the sun breaks through
the gloom of stormy clouds
imprinted here forever
on the canvas
of the water's silent stare
enticing us
and drawing us to depths
of all imagining

and then to teach perhaps
the greatest lesson of them all
that even as we seem to fall
anticipating just a crash
wings furl out from our own backs
becoming feathery angels' wings
that move at our command

Ascending and descending then
becomes so tedious
that we long to feel the bliss
of one long glide
upon these currents of clear air
that breathe all life
and simply stare
at sweeping vistas here below

even as a natural thirst
begins to grow
to draw us down again
this time landing gracefully
upon the shore
to rest and dream
the images that come awake
upon the silvery surface
of the still and silent lake


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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