Still, I Am

I look down from heaven's heights
taking in the pure delight
of misty realms e'er bright with hues
of endless symphonies
where music sings itself
in utter being

and yet a tear escapes this eye
no longer mortal, yet so real
because this endless view reveals
all the sorrow left behind
for all the life that might have been
lived longer in this soul's descent
into a form of flesh

and I find myself askance and in between
the past and future in this realm of dreams
where every seed of each tomorrow
gathers energy to come to be
and in being breathes the endless freedom
waiting round the bend
if only I can step beyond this grief

And still, I love
so deep and so completely
that my soul cannot ascend
until I find a way to make amends
and disperse your grief upon the winds
that speak in whispers
of the vastness of reality

to bring this love I am
back to the hearts that loved me true
for I need for them to know
I love them too
not in some momentary second of the past
but here and now and for eternity
and so, to you, I must now pray
for more than memories
that time and distance so dissolve
because I need for you to know right now
and more with every passing day

that still, I am
and shall remain forever
a clarity of loving flame
that burns within all hearts . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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