Drowning in a sea
of collective neediness
when with a sudden start
he remembers just to breathe
centering himself within
while all the cosmos spins
away from him

trusting that an innate power
will see him through the night and day
as all the babble once engraved
upon the pathways in his mind
just fades away
and a harmony begins to play
while chords so sweet and so complete
awaken soul to meet its seeming opposite

yet more than just a war
of every known and knowing opposite ensues
for a vast and reaching chemical reaction
is taking place within
and the look upon his face
is nothing more or less than just serene
while eyes, now opened wide
begin to see the salience
of each relation and reactionary move

while fear fades into sparkling particles
that seem to laugh and play
swimming in a sea of nothingness
becoming breath
yet altered in its exhalation
aware of the substantiation
of invisibility to living form


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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