What lies beneath this world
as we have come to know it
through veils of our limited
and limiting sensation?
What instinct now arising
leads us on this course
that most would call insanity?

as spirit moves and weaves
in dancing patterns through our lives
and we are made to choose
the staid and stoic bonds
of unidentified authority
or the dynamic quality
of our impending individuality

perhaps there is a balance
lying somewhere in between
rebelliousness and righteousness
in the middle ground, the center
where the energy of love may enter
to turn these questions to a flow
that streams through dreams
of everything we need

How many seeds await below
for a flood of inspiration's flow
to nourish them to life?
How will we ever know
unless we move
along these paths that lead
through substrata to eternity
and back to life again


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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