Summer Atmosphere

The sea is still
within a vastness of tranquility
The warmth of humid moisture
makes every pore an opening
connecting us to everything
we never knew before

Myriad voices gently echo out
blending to become a song
of utter summer harmony
and soft white clouds are billowing
dancing in response

just hovering - no where to go
and not a thing to do
they simply are and will remain
a form of chance and happenstance
the site, perhaps, of synchronicity

They grow and dissipate
urged on by whims of sun and wind
seeking for a space where they might be
integral to the unity
of summer's atmosphere

I love them
for they never try to tell me who to be
instead they simply seek to share
their sense of utter harmony with me
and in this, there is no pain

for their density just turns to rain
reaching for the seeds
that need its nurturance to grow
descending to ascend again
within pure nature's flow

They simply are
and so encourage me
to be . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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