Sun Rising

The sun is rising over icy blasts of wind
and particles are seen within the air
shattered like the dust of a fine glass
obliterated on the eve of yesterday
when all the wine had been consumed
while a rage of startling memory
still lay in wait for its dismemberment

Yet the flames of the fire danced on
enchantingly into the silence
of those moments just before
the dawn arrives
but yesterday somehow lives on
searching for a means of pure expression

Shattered glass and ashes
residue of passions' flame
White frost is etched enticingly
upon a window pane
and eyes, one pair of eyes
that dared to see throughout the night
as shadows played their way
into a state so utterly complete
see time and distance fading right away

While there within the night
two children played
into a scene no longer seen as paradise
for the stillness of the pond
had now become the roaring waves
of oceans' ever longing to take form
and the flowing grace of golden fins
became unnerving visions of
a maw of mighty jaws and teeth
ready to devour the love they knew

And then a million photographs
captured captions of a life gone still
began to pass in rapid streams
as future's past became the waking dream
of one small boat about to be capsized
within a feel of great demising strength
but then a flash, a dazzle of one ray
of glorious light led eyes askance
and sprites began to dance upon
the ever lapping waves of memory
as the mystery of all that never seemed to be
became surreal, unraveling the scene

For the sun was rising, rising
in a glory of eternal reverie
and the sands of time began to move again
flowing particles, like the finest shards of glass
that ash enticed into a dance
of ever-moving form . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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