Suspended Animation

A sacred space
where time suspends itself in animation
and joy becomes a gala to behold
as magic fascination fills the air
and fireflies, as faeries
come to dance the night away
in forms so bright
there is no need of sun

A stranger stood across the pond
mesmerized by moving spheres of light
wondering how magic took to flight
deep within this sleepy, sleepless night
yet try with all his might, he could not see
the source of his own fascination

for he stood within reflections
of an otherworldly atmosphere
just beginning to draw near
to what is real
still wondering why
he had to stand alone

barely noticing the faery queen
and her arm now raised and beckoning
or the boat that in the mists stood waiting
joyously anticipating his arrival
while in the patience of a trance-like state
she waited

for she knew he would awaken soon
and finally move
but she also knew that he might choose
the limitations of the world of facts and things
that world where intellect believes
it stands alone with all power

yet here within the midnight hour
her wisdom reigned supreme
and so she fashioned yet another dream
to tempt and tease and please
hoping with the brightest hope
that love become remembering for him

There she stood, upon the shore
watching as mere human hours
arose and then descended
while on her side
the patience of infinity took over
as there within the deepest night
a rainbow bridge was formed of misty light
and she ascended
there within a beam descending
suspended in the animation
of his dreams . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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