Sweet Desire

I sit here in a daze
wondering where you might be
expectancy, a mighty rush of yearning
wanting, needing what has not
yet quite come into being

but promises itself so endlessly
in cycles of these ever blending hearts
as I gaze into the haze of misty memories
about to come to form yet once again

as I wish, I want, oh God, desire
just one more touch of thee
for memory can only go so far
and I need to go the distance
just with you

A whisper of your voice within my ear
so near your breath
becomes a resonance
moving through the all of me
singing in the silent tones
of utter symmetry

and then the moisture
as your tongue divine
dives deep within
where the only sin
is love itself unfolding

like petals opening out
as in the center of one rose
a gentle touch
of sun spreads through
an eternity of essence
to warm this golden heart
with a desire so sweet
it takes my breath away . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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