Sweet Drift of Night

Night, sweet drift of night
so gently calling, falling
and dreams just in the making
come to be the gist of all reality
for now and then into forevermore

for the past is left behind
and we fly within these skies
on winged mares of white
into and through tomorrow
as an essence of completion
in fullness and in utter satiation
of this love that has no end

Your eyes
these eyes of softest golden brown
I see them now and see within
a universal wonder
stars and moon and galaxies
even as I feel the earth
arise and yet sustain
this life we live

while exploration needs
this desire of necessity
to feel, just feel the whole
and oh, the sweet discovery
of two in one in thee and me

Amazing, how we dare
to dream these dreams
together now
in ecstasy of flesh
so real it sings

meandering just so
and reaching for the heart
of all that matters
in sweetness as the night
descends again . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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